Increase your visibility and presence at Physics of Emergent Behaviour by taking advantage of one or more sponsorship opportunities.

Why sponsor?

  • an opportunity to promote your organisation and raise your profile within the wider community;
  • promote your company name to national and international participants prior to, during, and after the conference - these include decision makers, scientists, students and community members;
  • demonstrate your commitment to assisting in the development of young researchers;
  • your representatives can mix informally with professionals from industry and academia in the UK and from all around the world;
  • your company's support of the conference will be acknowledged widely through web-based and printed materials;
  • sponsorship contributed significantly to the promotion, planning and operation of the conference, reducing the overall cost of managing the event and enabling a higher level of participation.

For further information and booking details, please download the Exhibition and sponsorship document (PDF, 996KB).

The organisers gratefully acknowledge support from the following organisations:

European Science Foundation

The European Science Foundation (ESF) provides a platform for its Member Organisations to advance science and explore new directions for research at the European level. Established in 1974 as an independent non-governmental organisation, the ESFcurrently serves 78 Member Organisations across 30 countries.

Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) and US National Science Foundation (NSF)

Established in March 1999, ICAM became, in April 2002, a Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University of California, with nine founding branches. In July, 2004, it received an award by NSF to establish the International Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (I2CAM) as an integral part of ICAM to continue and expand ICAM's international scientific and educational activities. Since then ICAM-I2CAM has grown rapidly to its present constellation of branches: 31 in the US, 15 in Europe, 5 in Asia, 1 in Australia, 1 in the Middle East, 1 in South America and one European affiliate. Altogether, ICAM links 84 leading centers of complex materials research worldwide. NSF Grant DMR-0844115

Society of Biology

The Society of Biology's vision is to represent all who are committed to biology in academia, industry, education and research; to facilitate the promotion and translation of advances in biological science for national and international benefit, and to engage and encourage public interest in the life sciences.